FTTH GaAs p-HEMT Low Noise Amplifier PL09A

FTTH GaAs p-HEMT Low Noise Amplifier PL09A

Model No.︰PL09A

Brand Name︰Prewell

Country of Origin︰Korea

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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specifications︰ The PL09A is a high performance GaAs p-HEMT LNA (LowNoise Amplifier). The features of PL09A are high linear performance, low noise figure, low power consumption and high reliability. The PL09A can be easily matched to obtain optimum noise figure and linearity. The PL09A operates from a single 3 voltage supply and has an internal active bias. This PL09A provides the most suitable solutions for LNA in communication systems. All devices are 100% RF and DC tested.

Advantages︰ FTTH Receivers
DVB-T Receivers
DVB-C Receivers
DMB-T Receivers

Export Markets︰ China, SEA, America, Europe