Ultralinear mixer CMY213

Ultralinear mixer CMY213

Model No.︰CMY213

Brand Name︰TriQuint

Country of Origin︰United States

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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specifications︰ • Ultralinear mixer with integrated IF-amplifier and LO-Buffer for CDMA receiver applications
• Typical overall performance at cellular frequen-cies for PLO = – 5 dBm (operation conditions: 3V, 8mA; fRF = 850MHz; fLO =740MHz):Gain 9.5dB, Input IP3 10dBm, Noise figure 8dB
• RF-frequency range 0.5-2.5GHz
• Operating voltage range: 2.6 to 5V
• Small SCT-598-8-1 plastic package

Export Markets︰ China, SEA, America, Europe