Series RF IC: PW410

Series RF IC: PW410

Model No.︰PW410

Brand Name︰Prewell

Country of Origin︰Korea

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Pin-Pin replacement of AG604, ECG005, EC1019, SBW5089, SGA5489, SGA6489, SGA6589, GALI-5, GALI-59, HMC478, HMC479, HMC480, HMC481, AGB3302, RF3374, NBB-500. Could be used in base-station, repeater, CATV, radio speaker.  SOT-89 package. You could visit

specifications︰ Brandwidth: DC-3GHz,Gain 20.5dB, P1dB 19dBm, OIP3 35dBm, NF: 3.4, Vd: 4.9V, Bias Ic: 70mA.
Testing Condition: 900MHz

Advantages︰ High quality, good price

Export Markets︰ China, SEA, Europe, USA

Min Order︰ No limited

Ship Date︰ Stock

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