Conductive Foam Used In Laser Printer Toner Supply Roller CCZTAR

Conductive Foam Used In Laser Printer Toner Supply Roller CCZTAR

Model No.︰CCZTAR

Brand Name︰Foamex

Country of Origin︰United States

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰-

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specifications︰ Norminal Resistivity.........10^4...ohm-cm^3
Hardness........................40-80..Asker F
Black, customer specified hardness

Advantages︰ Industry Leadership
Foamex is one of the largest, most versatile supplier of flexible polyurethane and advanced polymer products in North America. Foamex does business through the following four business units:
Foam Products - Products that are used in bedding, pillows, sofas, and couches.
Automotive Products - Polyurethane products that are used in over twenty different applications in today's automobiles, minivans, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks.
Carpet Cushion Products - Includes rebond, sponge rubber, felt and prime polyurethane carpet underlay.
Technical Products - Includes a host of products used in a variety of applications including acoustics, gasketing, resevoiring, and filtration.

Foamex is the:
#1 Polyurethane Foam Producer
#1 Bedding Foam Supplier
#1 Automotive Trim Foam Supplier
#1 Carpet Cushion Producer
#1 Technical Products Leader
#2 Furniture Foam Supplier

Customer-Focused Technology
Foamex designers and engineers work with customers to develop innovative solutions for specific applications. Our scientists are experts on everything from polymer chemistry to manufacturing processes to emerging technologies.

New Product Development
Foamex is the pioneer in the development and commercialization of unique polyurethane products. We currently hold more than 225 patents, and offer technologies that cannot be duplicated elsewhere, including SMTSM, VPFSM and CPCSM.

Quality Assurance
Foamex was one of the first polyurethane manufacturers to complete QS-9000 and ISO-9001 certification for our facilities serving the automotive industries.

Customer Service
Foamex has one of the largest manufacturing and distribution network in North America, to facilitate just-in-time delivery nationwide. We also continue to expand our operations in Mexico and Asia.

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